All Documented Biographies

Bell, Arthur

Caldwell: 06/04/1915    Born in March 1896, Arthur Bell was the fourth of four children of William and Francis Bell. Arthur had a younger brother, John, and two older step-s...

Budd Campbell   
No biography available

Caldwell: 08/12/1882    Budd Campbell was accused for Being a desperado. He was Shot and hanged.

Riley Campbell   
No biography available

Caldwell: 08/12/1882    Riley Campbell was accused for Being a desperado. He was Riddled with bullets.

No biography available

Caldwell: 12/31/1969    Cook was accused for Associated with an outlaw gang. She was Hanged.

George Duncan   
No biography available

Caldwell: 09/20/1878    George Duncan was accused for Attempted rape of a high status white girl.

Griffey, Willis

Caldwell: 10/14/1894    Willis Griffey (also identified as William Griffey and Willis Griffery) was an African American man who lived in Christian County, Kentucky. He was bo...

Hewlett Howton, Hewlett (also known as James Hewlett Howton)

Caldwell: 07/08/1895    Since Hewlett Howton is one of about 50 white lynching victims in Kentucky, there is considerable biographical information documenting his family, lab...

Ernest Humphreys   
No biography available

Caldwell: 10/02/1890    Ernest Humphreys was accused for Murder of a black man. He was Hanged.

Merrick, Walter

Caldwell: 05/31/1932    Walter Merrick was one of approximately twenty white men lynched in Kentucky between 1880 and 1950. Merrick’s race and the unusual circumstances of...

Mary Sullivan   
No biography available

Caldwell: 09/29/1882    Mary Sullivan was accused for Accomplice to murder of her lover. She was Hanged.

Thomas White   
No biography available

Caldwell: 09/10/1896    He was Shot.