All Documented Biographies

James Bond   
No biography available

Todd: 12/19/1892    James Bond was accused for Attempted outrage on a married white woman. He was Hanged.

Green Ellis   
No biography available

Todd: 08/26/1880    Green Ellis was accused for Robbing and beating a white woman. He was Hanged.

Joe Johnson   
No biography available

Todd: 05/08/1880    Joe Johnson was accused for Outrage and murder of a married white woman. He was Hanged and shot.

Primus Kirby   
No biography available

Todd: 06/15/1926    Primus Kirby was accused for Murdered his wife and wounded a white man, a deputy. He was Hanged and riddled with bullets.

Frank Leavell   
No biography available

Todd: 10/12/1905    Frank Leavell was accused for Attempted for force entry into the home of an unmarried white woman and her mother . He was Hanged.

Lewis Radford   
No biography available

Todd: 01/24/1904    Lewis Radford was accused for Rape and murder of a black woman. He was Shot and hanged.

Joseph A. Smith   
No biography available

Todd: 11/24/1889    Joseph A. Smith was accused for Murder of a white man, a marshal. He was Hanged.

Tutt, George

Todd: 04/03/1908    George Tutt was born in October 1884. He was 15 years old at the time of the 1900 census. George Tutt was the son of Katie Tutt, age 60 at the time o...

Warfield, Henry “Fratus”

Todd: 10/18/1900    Documented by Gracie Henderson Henry “Fratus” Warfield was born in Kentucky in 1879. When he was a boy, he resided in Hadensville, Todd County, K...

John Windors   
No biography available

Todd: 03/13/1896    John Windors was accused for Wife-beating and general misconduct. He was Hanged.