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James Smith   
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Rockcastle: 07/01/1877    James Smith was accused for Robbery. He was Hanged.

Joseph A. Smith   
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Todd: 11/24/1889    Joseph A. Smith was accused for Murder of a white man, a marshal. He was Hanged.

Colson, Abithal (aka Bithael Colson) and Smith, Mollie (aka Maud Smith)

Trigg: 06/28/1895    Abithal Colson and Maud “Mollie” Smith were white lynching victims in Trigg County, Kentucky on June 28, 1895. As a white male lynching victim in ...

Smith, Grant

Fleming: 03/29/1920    Grant Smith was born in 1878 in Kentucky. His mother was born in Nova Scotia, and his father was born in the United States. Grant Smith was married t...