Recorded lynchings in Kentucky, according to decade

Black Population in Kentucky

Black Population Change vs. Recorded Lynchings Interactive Map

African American population in Kentucky, according to decade

Sundown Towns

Sundown Towns vs. Black Residents of Kentucky

Sundown Towns refer to predominantly white cities or towns which practice racial discrimination and exclusion through hostilities directed at non-whites who stay in the area past sundown, hence the moniker “Sundown Town”. Methods included discriminatory local ordinances, sirens, signs and more heinous acts of intimidation and violence. While most acts of discrimination were targeted at black residents (as is the case in Kentucky), other minority groups also experienced hostilities, such as Native Americans, Chinese Americans, Jews, Mexican Americans, and Mormons. 

All of the cities or towns depicted on this map were probable or possible Sundown Towns in the past, though this is not representative of all Sundown Towns in the state due to data limitations. In the present, some have transitioned away from being a Sundown Town, though others remain unchanged. In addition, it is important to note that these towns need not have been all white, as some have allowed one black family to take up residence while others were driven out. Similarly, there is no concrete criteria or ordinance for determining if a city or town is a Sundown Town. For example: if a black family moved in and encountered considerable hostility which caused them to leave, the area would be deemed a Sundown Town.