Maxey, John

John Maxey was born in 1884 and raised in Frankfort, KY to  John H. Maxey and his mother Cordelia Maxey.  He had an older sister. Alice Maxey. The family lived in a rented home during Maxey’s childhood. His father was well-known and liked in the Frankfort community. John Maxey worked as an attache and a […]

Lovern, Moses

There is no extant information about Lovern to date. In early September 1905, Moses Lovern of Williamson, West Virginia was arrested for assaulting James Butcher, a well-off businessman. Convicted of the crime, he began serving a 60 day sentence later in the month. On September 24th, in the middle of the night a group calling […]

Beard, Lewis “Lon”

Lewis or “Lon” Beard was born in March 1887 to Curtis and Lillie Beard. He was the second oldest son of seven siblings and was born and raised in the predominantly white community of Elk Creek, Kentucky. Lewis’s immediate family was not the only family in his neighborhood. His uncle Jonas Beard and his family […]

Hill, Elmer ( possible last name Holt)

Elmer Hill’s exact birth date is unknown from census records, but due to his death records, it was either in 1880 or 1881. He was born to the parents of Thomas White Wheat and Milley Catherine Hill. The parents bore two daughters as well, Minnie Jane Hill on May 22, 1886, and Mary Belle Hill […]

Allen, Henry

Henry Allen was a white male coal miner and a boarder of Muhlenberg county, Kentucky. Allen was married to Mary Daniel, and had one male child by her named Aubry Nicholas Allen, who died at the age of 2 in 1911. Allen was also an indicted active member of the “Possum Hunters Gang,” which was […]