Boyer, Robert; Jones, John; Jones, Virgil; and Riley, Joe

Vanessa Sanchez, writing for the Howard Center for Investigative Journalism, states that newspapers in Kentucky with predominantly white readerships blamed the victims of lynchings by using racial stereotypes in their reporting.  See Sanchez’s full reporting on the issue here.    The materials within the collection provide insight into the lynchings of Virgil Jones, John Jones, […]

McDowell, Jake (or Jacob)

According to the 1900 Federal Census, Jake McDowell was born February 1855, married to Minnee McDowell for 19 years, having 9 children although there are only 2 sons and 6 daughters listed on the census by name. He worked as a farm laborer and owned his home, as opposed to renting. Jake McDowell was arrested […]

Bowers, Virgil

Virgil Bowers was an African American man residing in London, Kentucky.  Information about his life, including birth and census records, is not available.  The information about the lynching of Virgil Bowers is provided by several contemporaneous news sources.  Bowers was prosecuted in two trials for the shooting and killing of George Farris, a notable lumber […]