Carroll, Charles

Charley Carroll was a young white youth born on June 6th, 1897.  He and his siblings lived with their parents, John and Delphinia Carroll in Beespring, Edmonson County, Kentucky.  His mother was Delphinia Carroll (01/12/1862-12/06/1929).  His father was John Irvin Carrell (01/09/1856-1900).  Charley had several siblings, Acie (1890-1989), Lawson(1885-1949), James (1881-1970), Emma (1889-1981), Patrick (1877-1937), […]

West, James; Marshall, Eugene; and Patterson, Wade

Wade Patterson was born in 1885 to Sam and Fannie Patterson.  Seven years later, in 1893, Sam and Fannie welcomed another son, Sam, Jr.  In the 1900 Kentucky census for the Patteson family, the sons Wade and Sam could read and write.  Sam Patterson, the father, was a farm laborer. According to the 1910 Kentucky […]