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Charley Carroll was a young white youth born on June 6th, 1897.  He and his siblings lived with their parents, John and Delphinia Carroll in Beespring, Edmonson County, Kentucky.  His mother was Delphinia Carroll (01/12/1862-12/06/1929).  His father was John Irvin Carrell (01/09/1856-1900).  Charley had several siblings, Acie (1890-1989), Lawson(1885-1949), James (1881-1970), Emma (1889-1981), Patrick (1877-1937), Willie (1880-1974), and Jack (1877-1952).  According to the 1900 census, Del, John and all their school-age children were able to read and write. 

On March 29th, 1910, a group of forty to fifty people traveled from the Goff post office into Beespring Kentucky, leading them to the Carroll home.  Del Carroll and her two oldest children living in the home were woken and taken from the house to be severely whipped.  After realizing what was happening, Charley attempted to escape.  In his attempt, he was shot in the back, then taken back into his home and whipped.  He died several hours later from his injuries.  

On June 13th, 1911, in a case of the Commonwealth of Kentucky against Jesse Anderson, Jesse Anderson and several other individuals were found guilty in connection to Charley Carroll’s death. Jesse Anderson was sentenced to life in prison by the court of appeals in Frankfort, Kentucky, affirming the Edmonson court’s earlier decision.