Sarver, Robert

Robert Sarver was born in 1864 and according to the 1880 census was one of 11 children born to Wesley and Fanny Sarver. Wesley was born in Tennessee and eventually settled down in Kentucky. He married Kentucky-born Fanny who was nine years younger. Fanny stayed home and “kept the house” and Wesley worked as a […]

James, Richard

Richard James was born on December 19, 1882, in Kentucky. He was of mixed race and worked as a farm laborer. He was married to a woman named Nora James, and they lived with his stepfather Henry Smith, according to the 1920 census records. They had no children. He was literate and owned his own […]

Pullim, Sam (also listed as Sam Pulliam)

There are  two versions of Sam Pulliam’s last name, Pullim and Pulliam. For this biography, the last name “Pullim” will be used as that is what was recorded in the 1880 census. Sam was born sometime in 1864 to his mother, Mary Pullim, and his father, Dave Pullim. Sam had a brother named James who […]