Stone, James “Jim”

According to the 1880 U.S. Census, James Stone, an African American man, was born in 1875 to Henry Stone and Azora Stone. Henry Stone was born around 1830 in Tennessee, and it is likely that he was formerly enslaved. Azora was born in 1850 in Kentucky, and she also was likely formerly enslaved. In 1880, […]

Butcher, William

The family of William Butcher appears in the 1880s U.S. Census. Butcher’s mother and father were African Americans born in Tennessee around 1860.  They were likely enslaved. In the 1880 Census, John Butcher, William’s father, was listed as a 25-year-old farmworker and Alice Butcher, William’s mother, was a 21-year-old housekeeper.  William Butcher was their only […]

Boston, Marshall

Marshall Boston was likely born around 1863, as a census from 1870 shows him as about 7 years old. The timing of his birth coincided with the later years of the civil war, meaning Marshall Boston likely grew up as a free black man in a free black family. There is not much known about […]