Pullim, Sam (also listed as Sam Pulliam)

There are  two versions of Sam Pulliam’s last name, Pullim and Pulliam. For this biography, the last name “Pullim” will be used as that is what was recorded in the 1880 census. Sam was born sometime in 1864 to his mother, Mary Pullim, and his father, Dave Pullim. Sam had a brother named James who […]

Fields, Jimbo and Garnett, Clarence

Jimbo Fields and Clarence Garnett were African American teenagers who were born in Shelbyville, Kentucky. As their ages vary in different newspapers, Fields was estimated at sixteen years and Garnett of eighteen years at the time of the lynchings. As teenagers Fields and Garnett worked as day laborers, doing miscellaneous work for varying local businesses. […]

West, James; Marshall, Eugene; and Patterson, Wade

Wade Patterson was born in 1885 to Sam and Fannie Patterson.  Seven years later, in 1893, Sam and Fannie welcomed another son, Sam, Jr.  In the 1900 Kentucky census for the Patteson family, the sons Wade and Sam could read and write.  Sam Patterson, the father, was a farm laborer. According to the 1910 Kentucky […]