Brinkley III, Ephraim

Ephraim Brinkley III was a white lynching victim in the 1880s, and there is considerable historical documentation about his birth, family ties, labor, and various residences during his life.  On June 14, 1857, Ephraim Brinkley III was born to Ephraim G Brinkley II and Francis (Sarah) Elizabeth Brinkley in Person County, North Carolina. He also […]

Wilson, George

There is little extent biographical information about George Wilson. Contemporary accounts stated that Wilson lived in Carlisle, Kentucky, located in Nicholas County.  One newspaper, the Maysville Evening Bulletin, said that Wilson was a prominent member of the African American community in Carlisle, and he was a member of the Oddfellows Fraternal Order. Another newspaper, the […]

Williams, Jackson “Jack”

There is little extent biographical information on Jackson Williams. The name “Jack Williams” and “Jackson Williams” were common, with over 40 distinct Jack Williams recorded in the census during the late 1800s.  Yet, data from contemporary accounts found that that Jackson Williams was a white man who had two brothers, Thomas and an unnamed brother. […]

Bushrod, Raymond

While not much is known about Raymond Bushrod’s early years, it is worth noting that Bushrod spent significant amounts of time in Indiana, not Kentucky. According to the 1880 census, Raymond Bushrod’s parents were Horace and Nina Bushrod.  Raymond had three siblings,  Susan and Horace Jr who were older, and Charles who was younger. Horace […]

Morton, Robert

Robert L. Morton was a 21 year old Black man who lived until February 1897. He was born in Pilot Knob, Simpson, Kentucky, approximately 12 miles away from Rockfield. His occupation was unknown. The 1880 Federal Census has no record of Robert Morton’s mother or father. He lived with his grandparents, Isom Morton and Marian […]